Tim Malin on Harmony’s Coolio

Lisa Schmidt is a business entrepreneur with a solid background in marketing in the entertainment industry. She is the founder and owner of Crisis Management Inc, originally a musician marketing and career development company.

She recently developed a new division, Equestrian Athlete Services (EAS), which provides career coaching and business styling for equestrian athletes of all levels.

As the daughter of a Pan Am games wrestler, Lisa has been immersed in sports her whole life. The goal of EAS is to promote equestrian athletes’ careers and explore resources in sponsorships, clinic and lecture tours, endorsements, as well as brand building through new horse related product lines. Services include providing career advice, creating a signature marketing program to attract customers, promoting riders in consumer related areas with exposure through social media, video, traditional press, word of mouth, terrestrial and satellite radio, television, films, other alternative media.


Louisa Eadie on Welt Cup

Among the company’s first clients were Tim Malin, 2007 Festival of Champions 13th place Grand Prix Dressage rider and international young horse specialists, British trainer, Louisa Eadie and Australian trainer, Moea Futcher.

“This was a natural progression for the company given my lifelong sports and riding experiences and the many people I have met internationally in horses,” Schmidt says “If tennis players and golf pros have agents and managers, why not equestrian athletes? With the growth of all areas of horse sports around the world, it is time for this type of promotion in equestrian sport. It is very straightforward to apply strategies used in marketing musical artists to the horse world.”

The company provides project by project service, hourly consultations and full time career direction for riders in the Equestrian Olympic disciplines.

Equestrian Athlete Services has worked with companies such as ThinLine saddle pads and German equipment company, Waldhausen.